I have not been very active with this blog. I have four blogs – three of which I didn’t know I had. One is strictly for comments on Bible reading at You Version Bible. I have a plan to completely read the Bible in one year, i.e., the Hebrew and the Christian Testaments. The other one is called e-Blogger, our something like that. I went there to read someone else’s blog and I guess I had to set up a blog to read any postings there. I forgot all about it until I went there again too tread a post.

I guess blogs can be used for anything. For me, I have used Evernote for comments about some of my observations about me and some of the things I would like to do.

Right now I have a dog sleeping on my lap, so I am ending this for now. Please feel free to leave comments, but be nice or I will not approve your comment for posting.

About kennieb

Orthodox Christian, born in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 10, 1942; Chrismation on August 15,1989, at Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco. I lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area for some 30 years, where I worked in banking and garbage(or, are they the same?). My education includes both formal and self studies. I studied at different universities and a seminary. My self-study has been with two Roman Catholic priests of the Byzantine tradition, a doctor, and sales persons. My studies were mostly in business, apologetics, Theology, and philosophy. Want to know more? Read my blogs and ask me.
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